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Join Us for 1 Day Event or

3 Fulfilling Days and Nights

Get ready to immerse yourself into a transforming experience that will change who you are.


Yes, we said it.  And we mean it.


You will experience a new YOU at the core of your being.


In an intimate setting, with a small circle of conscious women, our expert coaches will guide you in discovering your true purpose and passion.  

What was hidden under the layers of self-doubt, fears and past wounds will be released so you walk back into your life confidently owning a new identity. Ignite Experience was created by women for women. It was specifically designed to effectively connect you with your true self, inner guidance and knowing.


Are you ready to be Ignited?

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Is Ignite Experience For Me?

Are you tired of your busy, overwhelming, or empty life and are ready to start living life to the fullest? If you are willing to invest in yourself and tap into the spark that will set your soul on fire, then Ignite Experience is for you.
Ignite Experience is for you if NOW is the time.  It’s YOUR time. Time to disconnect from your busy life for a few days, take care of yourself and get re-connected to who you really are. To rediscover what truly matters to you.  To walk away with the tools you need to powerfully create the life you WANT to live.

Find Your Spark. Fuel Your Life.

Enjoy deep emotional connections, protected solitude
Reawaken your joy, full self-expression, and create new connections with the food you eat,
the body you inhabit and your connection to the earth and others.  
Enjoy authentic conversations about you and your life without fear or judgement.  
This is your playground to unpack pretending to be...and just BE you.
This is where you get to DO YOU.
You’ll leave the experience reminded of the simple pleasures in life and reconnected to your heart.
You’ll leave the experience with a new connection with you
and an enthusiastic burst of energy that will have you rushing to get back to create your new life.
You’ll gain newfound confidence to take risks,
boldly do and say what you truly want, and a passion for living you maybe haven’t experienced in a
very...  long...  time.
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How Does A Weekend Adventure Sound?


  • 3 days + 3 nights of deep inspirational sisterhood set on a remote ranch in the Central Coast.

  • 25 guests max + 3 coaches + loving staff = Awesome.


  • This isn’t a conference in the woods. It’s an interactive transformation experience.

  • Ignite is for YOU, about YOU, and co-created by YOU.

  • Check in between 2 pm and 4 pm on Thursday + check out at 11 am on Sunday.

  • Ignite is equal parts rejuvenating retreat, empowering bootcamp, and awakened connection with other amazing spirits


A Remote Weekend in the Country

No distractions. No deadlines. No responsibilities. Just room to grow, connect and realign.

Rolling hills, crisp clean air. Clean and comfortable rooms in a generous 6,000sf foot lodge with a refreshing swimming pool. Peaceful yoga and meditation room. Large family kitchen for cooking classes. Open natural space with room to roam and wander.


Under the guidance of our coaches, grow your comfort zone and claim the newly created space to enhance your creativity, productivity, resilience, and self-confidence.


Transform your lifestyle by making a few small changes to the way you eat and enjoy food. Learn how to stop the cycle of unhealthy patterns and gain energy, focus, balance, health and happiness.


In three short days you will have a new relationship with your emotions. You’ll have the confidence to handle any situation because your emotions don’t overwhelm and control you. You’ll be excited to move ahead courageously towards your innermost dreams because you’ll know you can take on whatever

Sample Daily Outline

The Ignite Experience is designed to stretch your comfort zone, which starts right here and right now. You, reading this, and not knowing EXACTLY what to expect. That’s just the way we’ve designed it and the only thing you CAN expect. To NOT know what will happen. To turn yourself over to trust, to faith, to possibility. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Challenging activities to strengthen your outer body

  • Interactive nutrition training with some hands-on food preparation

  • Exercises to get you vibrating at a higher level than you’re used to

  • Specialized processes to awaken your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

  • Reflective sessions to process and connect with your inner self

Meet Your Coaches

Gemi Bertran is an integrative Nutrition Health Coach with NourishtheBrainInstitute who guides, mentors and empowers you to improve your health and happiness.  She works by meeting you where you are, and trains you in the topics of nutrition, getting you a little outside your comfort level when it comes to making the right changes.  

When working with Gemi, you explore specific health needs and your personal goals in lifestyle.  Whether you are following any specific dietary restrictions, or if you've never really considered it, Gemi will explain the effects that these foods can have in your body.

Discover learning patterns and habits to help nourish your brain, body and soul by creating step by step plans, habits, and routines that will provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams.

Polly Mertens is the Founder of Thrive Outdoor Adventures, adventure summer camps for adults.  She has been a habit and mindset coach serving women from around the world to personal breakthroughs in health, addiction, relationships, and her favorite…self-love.
She’s given generously to women’s entrepreneur communities as a counselor, consultant and board member for the Central Coast’s Women’s Business Center for 10+ years and animal rescue causes from volunteering in a hands-on way as a wildlife rehabber, animal foster home, and assistant vet tech for nearly 20 years.
She is a lifelong athlete having played volleyball competitively for 25 years, a competitive trail runner for 10+ years, and her newest passions of obstacle and adventure racing have led her to numerous podium finishes in California, Colorado and Hawaii. She loves the nomadic lifestyle and has the heart of a wanderer and can often be found on the open road exploring the beautiful western US with her boyfriend and kitty cats in her wild and wacky #GetBusyThrivingRV bus.

Samantha Pruitt is the Founder and CEO of RaceSLO (SLO marathon, SLO Ultra, GranFondo and others) owning several other businesses prior, and loves the energy of working hard on values-driven mission projects like Thrive.

She’s a consistent risk-taking entrepreneur, a fully-engaged person of service and untimely lover of human badassery.  She’s also a mom, a wife and enjoys tiny house living.

She’s an ultra endurance athlete and has competed for decades in a variety of sports including trail running, triathlons, obstacle and adventure races.

Roll Out the Details...

What’s Included:
  • 3 nights/3.5 days of accommodations in a beautiful retreat lodge with staff to pamper you in an amazing country location
  • 3 fresh, healthy prepared meals/day + all snacks and beverages (non alcoholic)
  • We attend to special dietary needs
  • Collectible special gift
  • All physical activities and equipment
  • Therapeutic, healing personal development workshops and discussions
  • All strategies, tools and an opportunity to play in a safe space for personal growth
  • A new mental, emotional and spiritual toolkit to bring back into the rest of your life
During the weekend you can always expect:
  • Fun & Professional staff
  • High-quality meals
  • Full support in all activities
  • Clean and comfortable accommodations
Add-ons available (+$)
  • Massage therapy (60-90 minute sessions)
  • Private hypnotherapy session
  • Personalized card readings 
  • Personalized nutrition
We want you to have an OUTSTANDING experience with us.

Lodging Options

We are ready to host you, and we want you to have an OUTSTANDING experience with us.

Please click an image to choose your option below.


So sister, is the Ignite Experience for you?


Well, if you’re courageous enough to step away from your “real life” for 3 nights so you can remember who you really are...

Ignite is for you.


If you’re brave enough to throw yourself into new experiences with a bunch of strangers and trust yourself to embrace what will help you grow…Ignite is for you.


If you recognize you’re stuck, at a pivot point, or hungry for big changes and ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work...Ignite is for you.


If any of this scares you a bit, but you’ve got a nagging feeling that you kinda sorta might possibly have that life’s-too-short, it’s-now-or-never, craving for a purpose-driven life spark hiding deep down inside of you...Ignite is for you.

This experience is guaranteed to sell out, so be sure to grab your spot while they last!


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