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FREE Webinar ~ Hosted by Gemi Bertran CEO & Founder of NTBI

Wednesday, October 9th @ 6:00 pm (PDT)

If you feel like emotional eating, stress and cravings or inflammation are running your life, come learn with us in this 45 minute workshop.

Your body is designed to function at optimum health on it’s own, we just get in the way. If you can learn what works for YOU and get out of the way you can give your health and your brain a reset

Brain, Mind & Body Balance Workshop in San Luis Obispo

Wednesday, November 20th @ 5:30 pm

Location: Our NEW Office

668 Marsh Street Suite 9 (Upstairs from Takkens)

San Luis Obispo, CA

In this workshop you will learn 

  • what your brain needs

  • the power of the mind

  • foods that give you energy and fight inflammation

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Growing Community Awareness and Education

This Fall at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo

Thursdays in September and October

6:00 - 8:00 pm

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The NTB 30 Day Challenge

What have you done for yourself lately? Have you spend time in meditation, exercising, or journaling? 
We invite you to join us for 30 Days of inquiry and commit to create new routines that serve you in your life. In a few minutes a day you will start to become aware that change is possible. 
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The IGNITE Experience

Retreat Weekend Coming Soon

This weekend getaway has been designed to give you the balance of fun, health, and empowerment. Click below to discover more.

The Ignite Experience


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