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Natural Remedies


Same symptoms, same medication, same scenario…is your body being treated like a production line instead of being treated for Optimal Health?

Shortly after I moved to the US, I began working as a business director in a behavioral practice.

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Inflammation Part 2

Last month, I shared what inflammation is. This month, I want to talk about what causes it and how to reduce it.

There are a few well-known foods that cause inflammation:

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Inflammation Part 1

We frequently hear the word “inflammation.” Do we really know what it means?

Often, we don’t.

We have an overall idea, but we can’t picture it inside our body because the type of inflammation we see it’s usually on our skin. Beyond that, we label it with another name or diagnosis.

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Your Intention Is As Important As Your Actions

Have you ever stopped to observe the bite in your fork right before you put it in your mouth?

What are the colors, the convention of foods, the layers, the smell?
Then, the texture in your mouth, the flavors of all different foods.

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