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Get Yourself Healthy, Build Your Knowledge of the Brain, Mind, & Body

It all starts with YOU, the Dynamic Nutrition Specialist (DNS)

When We Finally Understand

the value of the right nutrition, understand the body's system functions, and the brain's essential needs, a light shines on your future. Possibilities open up in your life and career when you are aware of the breakthroughs for yourself and your clients.

Get Yourself Truly Healthy

It all starts with you, the Dynamic Nutrition Specialist (DNS). We need more 30-day trending diets to become the person we are meant to be.  The truest transformation comes from knowing the physical actions and vital functions of your own body, brain, and mind. A DNS is changing for life, for good, with no returning to the old habits. Since you already love and marvel at the amazing qualities and resilience of the human body, you are the perfect candidate to study, in depth, the best way to have it perform optimally.

Earn A Thriving Income

Nothing makes you feel more in control of your life than setting your income goals and depend only on yourself to earn what you set up.

You signed up to become a Dynamic Nutrition Specialist that itself tells me you are not settling for what others want for you. We will guide you throughout the process of creating your own business, marketing tips, social media strategies with our own experts in these fields. We will set you up to succeed!

Design Your Own Schedule

Take charge of your life.  Create a schedule that allows you to work at a pace and volume that is balanced.  

Graduates of the DNS program have worked in depth with individuals in case-study situations, organized and held Health Workshops, and had many instances of planning and evaluating progress with a sampling of clients. We will help you discover that work doesn't feel like work when you are truly in the spirit if what you are doing.  

Build Community & Guide Others

The people we surround ourselves with, our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, they are ready for a new era.  Imagine the conversations that will arise, the power brought forth to talk about ideas, growth, and your inner being, surging forward in a healthy future.  You will be the resource for the loved ones you know, and the people you meet to break free from their unhealthy habits and thought patterns, into a world of sensible, fact-based choices on food, thinking, and positive action.

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Online Coursework will be delivered to you weekly. Plan and coordinate support calls with Gemi, collaborate and discuss topics with your fellow students.

Learning Online With Continued Support 

Each week you will receive new content and activities to complete.  These range from in depth study of the brain's functions, to truths about foods that keep the body in optimum health.  

  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Quality of Food
  • Neuroplasticity

Work With Real Clients to Build Up Your Professional Craft

After the first several weeks, DNS Students begin their practice with Workshop Design, presenting new knowledge with a fresh structure

  • Projects to develop your practice and salesmanship
  • Sharing your story as a way of inviting new clients
  • Ongoing instruction on food industry, autoimmune disease, and longevity

Organize and Create a Schedule that is Balanced and What You Want

All the way through your 26th week of our signature course, you will synthesize and foster a deep understanding of cutting-edge content.  

  • Leap of Faith
  • Law of Circulation
  • Recovery from Addiction
  • The Power of Our Mind
  • Client Scheduling and Regular Visits

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The Dynamic Nutrition Specialist Course will prepare you for a fulfilling career in health coaching. The world around you is in need of quality health experts, clear-headed and mindful heroes that emerge to improve and nourish the good in all of us. Are you ready to join our team?

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dynamic Nutrition Specialist (DNS) is a certified professional expert in the brain and the power of the mind. They possess comprehensive knowledge of body functions and how food interacts in the body.  A DNS knows how the body reacts to the food we eat and is able to make recommendations for clients based on their levels of stress, and inflammation, due to a range of  factors.

Course completion will involve a total of 26 weeks of commitment from the student.  The videos take approximately 1 hour of viewing time per week, plus accounting for your own personal note taking and review in order to pass a short assessment of material.

You will have access to an interactive online curriculum which includes weekly modules.   Your lessons will be paired up with your interactive, step-by-step workbook and supplemented by essential documents that support your professional growth and training.  The content is outlined seamlessly in the workbook, so that your guided note-taking fully prepared you for the short assessment and for discussion in our monthly group phone calls.  

Yes.  We will give you the opportunity to have practice with real cases. Part of the training exclusive to Nourish the Brain Institute is this unique partnering experience.

We want to be accommodating with payments. We have a choice of options that can work with your budget and planning.

Please contact our sales department to select a plan that works for you.

[email protected]

Students' time commitment can range from 3-5 hours a week during the course for regular course content.

Many DNS Students are currently working in other fields and full-time occupations. The flexibility of your schedule of learning online content allows for greater success.


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  • Talk with our team if you have any questions about becoming a DNS and the path you are on to become certified.

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