Stop Ignorance!

At the beginning of this month, we talked about the symptoms of 2020. Diabetes, suicide, obesity, addiction, and death from COVID have shaped the landscape of health for us, Americans, and the rest of the world. Not only that, we have been living in confinement for almost a year now. We have been told how to live our life basically with very few freedoms. From a health-conscious point of view, it makes sense when there is a pandemic to stay isolated. 

Still, you have to question why for all this time we haven’t had a clear direction that everyone has followed equally. People go in the direction they want to follow, or, they follow whatever they have been told from whomever they follow. Now we have a vaccine and we are in the same conundrum. Are you getting the vaccine?

It seems that for many, the vaccine has an agenda, of course not the vaccine itself, but I am positive you have been hearing all kinds of craziness on behalf of that. 

Things like: “The vaccine has a microchip from which we will be controlled”, as though we aren’t already being controlled through our cell phones. The vaccine is basically a placebo so you have to believe it works in order for it to work. 

If you belong to a certain political party you might take it, no questions asked, and if you belong to another party you will take it because COVID itself doesn’t exist. 

The truth of the matter is, you are controlled, all the time, whether you get the vaccine or not. 

How about if you let others do whatever they want to do without judgment? Instead of having an opinion about what the neighbor does or believes is the right choice. Think for yourself, think about what you want to do, and let others do what they want to do. We will all have to put up with the consequences of our own choices and be good with them. 

Practice prevention, educate yourself and make the best choice for yourself without judging others. If you want to be part of the discussion, join our Unlimited Membership. 

Get the most out of all of our Group Series’ sessions, in which we address the ins and outs of all of these health-related issues in a free from judgment environment. You can be more of a critical thinker when you have more information and you learn how to think for yourself instead of blindly following anyone else. 

Remember when you follow someone else’s beliefs, then you are following another’s limitations.


When Dreams Become More

The word “dream” implies positivity, good feelings, forward-thinking, and wanting more out of life. The question is, why are we taught not to “dream”?  Are we made to believe that dreams don’t come true?

The dream is a state of mind, whether we are awake or asleep. We call it a dream when it is involuntary or a visualization when it is voluntary. Our conscience gives us the powers of thought and choice, neither of which can happen all the time. We are always thinking, and choosing, constantly. Even when we don’t make a choice, not choosing is itself, a choice.

Dreaming big matters. When we dream big, it forces us to step out of our comfort zone, it makes us uncomfortable because we are daring to go to a place we have never been to before. The unknown causes fear for most of us. Some people, however, the brave ones, dream big and when things get tough they get tougher.

What about change, though?  It voluntarily comes out of your consciousness, it comes from choice. If we apply this principle to changing old habits, we definitely put ourselves into a very uncomfortable situation. Isn’t that thrilling?

When I first dreamed of fulfilling my purpose by creating my own business and becoming an expert in brain and behavior through nutrition and the science of the mind, I never thought I would be so lucky to really do it one day!  

I dreamed of working with wonderful clients, which I do

I dreamed of leading groups, which I do. 

I dreamed of teaching one of my programs in community college, which I do. 

I dreamed of networking with the smartest women in this country, which I do. 

I dreamed of having the best team ever, which I do. 

I dreamed of training professionals in becoming brain and behavior coaches, which I love doing more every day. 

I dreamed of being a member of the council on suicide prevention on the county, which I am

I dreamed of working with veterans to give back to them, which I do with the Veterans Outreach Program.

I dreamed of working doing what I love everyday, which I do, I do, I do!

Dreams do come true if you never give up on them and for this reason I will keep dreaming big. 

Dare to dream big, ignore what you were taught about dreaming, the power is yours.


2020 Symptoms

The backlash of symptoms from last year doubled diagnosis on mental illness, exponential increase on type 2 diabetes diagnosis and treatment. Obesity is through the roof, we are seeing an increase in addiction, the suicide rates in teenagers is ramping up, PTSD due to deaths in family, business closures or job loss. All of these are due to COVID-19….Well, and elections didn’t make things easier.

I am not trying to be negative here, this is the reality if you are only open to see the bad in the world. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called…


This is my year’s word. We need to start looking forward to the good, the bright, the healthy. Within all of this, the most important of all is prevention. If we learned anything this year, it is the fact that having an existing condition is not good and can have fatal consequences, as we are seeing.

Being healthy gives you a much greater chance to overcome anything in life from physical to mental illness. Nourishment is a huge part of prevention. Eating the right foods, drinking the right drinks, breathing the right air, and staying away from medication has proven to be the most effective health insurance during COVID-19.

Education is prevention that’s the reason at Nourish the Brain Institute we have created an amazing membership program to keep you educated in your own health preservation.

I am talking about mental health education and understanding the science of the mind. Join us for discussions on Mondays at 5pm, hosted by Gemi Bertran.

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