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Craving Sugar!

 At an early age, we learn to cope by turning to food. We learn that when we are sad or stressed or fearful or anxious we can eat the food we desire and it calms us down. Everybody has different coping mechanisms, but coping with food is the most popular way of soothing ourselves emotionally. 

This is how it works: We wait for the right time, the right food, the right environment, and the right people. We eat what makes us feel comfortable and safe. Often something sweet at night in front of the TV is a common way to cope. 

Cravings are a response to the act of restricting something. Food often reflects our feelings about things such as an unsatisfactory career or love that is missing in our life. Why do we need to cope? Because we need to fill the emptiness inside ourselves. This is how the cravings work in your brain.

 There is a small particle of the substance we use to cope attached to the tissues of your body, like the tongue, fatty tissue (including the brain) or muscle tissue.  This creates a memory in our brain. This memory reminds our brain that we want that specific food until we have it.  It is so persistent that you can’t resist until you have it! 

How can we get rid of cravings? The most effective way to do it is by giving your brain everything it needs, especially fats. Watch this video to know what is that your brain really craves.

Remember that not all fats are equal.  Animal fats are very different from plant-based fats. If you need a review of the differences, read our blog here.


If It Tastes Sweet…

It means it’s sugar.

Sugar means something different for every one of our organs. They are each affected differently, depending on the job of the organ. The pancreas, for one, will be affected directly, every time you consume sugar or sweeteners.

Let’s talk about the pancreas since it is the organ in charge of monitoring your sugar levels. Every time we consume anything that is sweet, (containing natural sugar or sweeteners), such as honey, maple syrup, brown rice, syrup, agave and even fruit or

artificial sweeteners as well such as aspartame, xylitol, mannitol, 

our pancreas goes to work to screen for sugar in our blood. Every time we eat something that tastes sweet, our pancreas does two things, it will release insulin and fat.

It will react based on the amount of sugar it finds. If we have more sugar in our blood, the pancreas will release increased insulin and fat.  We are talking about the insulin and fat that makes healthy people become pre-diabetic and diabetic. 

Processed food is what has turned diabetes and obesity into a pandemic in our society. Artificial sweeteners are in every processed food, junk food and soft drink.   These high concentrations exist even in every zero calorie drinks and low calorie foods. The most popular is aspartame. Aspartame, which is forbidden in Europe for causing cancer and Alzheimer’s, is still openly used by fast food chains, soft drinks companies, and processed food factories in the United States. What the big corporations that manufacture zero calorie drinks don’t tell you is that your pancreas will still release fat and insulin and that will become body fat which will turn you into an ill person. Obesity, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes are strictly related to your intake of sweets, changing your life forever.

Please think about this before you eat a second piece of candy.


Nothing Good Comes From Eating Sugar!

There are no benefits of eating sugar in any form – white, brown or powdered. There is only the possibility of addiction and health problems. 

Sugar affects everything in our bodies. Not only does it affect our liver, pancreas, and gut, it also affects the functionality of our brain and the reasoning of our mind in a major way.

Our health and behavior change noticeably when we eat sugar in smaller or larger amounts than usual. This is very clear in children’s behavior when they are in a sugar high.

70% of the population in the United States suffers or will suffer from diabetes due to sugar consumption at some point in their life.

The distinction is that most of these people will suffer diabetes not only for sugar consumption from sweets, but also from the chemical sweeteners that are added to soft drinks and fast food.

There is a widespread belief  that fast food is cheaper than other foods and in some ways it is,  but if people bought produce and beans instead of junk food and ate them over time, this would be a less expensive and healthier option that makes a difference in their health over the long run, wouldn’t it? 

Big chains and big pharmaceutical companies,  and big corporations are interested in keeping the population ignorant with numb brains that keep the wheels of their money making machines running at full speed. If you haven’t seen it, Jamie Oliver has done a lot of work to increase awareness in his work to Teach Every Child About Food.

It is every individual’s responsibility to do our best for our own health, educating ourselves and our community of the problems that sugar consumption can cause in our overall health. This is the Dynamic Nutrition Specialist mission in life, it’s to educate people on how to address their unhealthy behaviors one at the time.